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What Is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight Today?

What Is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight Today?

If you are searching for fast and effective ways for losing weight, then you would be glad to read my list.

1) Do not diet: for the most part, diets are a waste of time for you would sooner or later return to your usual eating habits. Instead, establish a new routine of one hour of daily exercise such as speed walking, cycling, running, swimming, etc.

2) Avoid if possible, all fried and processed foods; these are heavily loaded with excessive fat

3) Reduce your in-take of all sugar-loaded foods, for all of that extra sugar means a lot of calories.

4) Drink colder water. Why cold? Colder water helps speed up your metabolism.

5) Try to eat salad more often such as 2-3 times each day.

6) Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

7) Eat low-calorie foods first so when you are ready for the more fattening items, you would not feel so hungry.

8) Weigh yourself when you get up from bed and before you turn in each day. Keep records on how you are doing.

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9) Avoid the evening snacks. Imagine all the extra calories that go unused as you sleep.

10) Choose one day of the week in which you allow yourself to be more liberal so you can eat more freely but within reason. This would be your “fun day.”

Now you can start losing weight by practicing the above tips. You do not have to adopt all of them at once. Slowly do as much as you are able to.

Source by Jorge Alarcon

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