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Weight Loss Goals: Top 9 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Goals: Top 9 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Fast

You are not the only one trying to find relevant information to help you reach your weight loss goals. Most of us follow the proposals of established theories, such as the basics of the cron diet.

There is a lot of information out there, but most of it is scattered, which makes it difficult to make sense of any of it.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of various healthy ways of shedding the extra belly fat.

Towards the end, we have also listed various fitness tracking apps that you can use to monitor your progress.

Read on to learn more. It is our sincere hope that this guide will help you attain your weight loss goals.

We wish you the best of luck as you start or continue your journey to your desired weight.

Common Weight Loss Plans

The choice of a weight loss program depends on a number of factors.

The most notable of them is personal biological traits. Our bodies react differently to different therapies.

So, what may be beneficial to you may not work for me.

Since there is no definitive measure or tests of evaluating which method will be the best fit for your genetic composition (at least not yet), the only way is to use trial and error.

Try one method. If it does not work after a reasonable amount of time, move on to the next.

  1. The 12-Week Plan

Lose between 0.5 and 1kg per week over a 12-week period! Interesting, huh?

This plan was developed by the National Health Service (NHS) in conjunction with The British Dietetic Association.

It aims at promoting ‘safe and sustainable weight loss goals, as well as helping people make healthier food choices.

If you choose this plan, you stand to gain from the support you can receive from a massive online community, multiple exercise plans, weekly progress charts, and tactics of avoiding weight regain.

The catch is that you have to stick to a calorie limit of either 1400kcal (women) or 1900kcal (men).

This plan is meant for healthy adults with a BMI of more than 25. Do not try this is you are pregnant or a child.

You know the drill if you have a medical condition; seek guidance from your doctor!

Download a PDF copy of this plan for FREE:

Follow these easy tips to reap the maximum benefits from this plan;

  • Never skip breakfast to avoid snacking throughout the day.
  • Create a regular eating schedule to burn more calories faster.
  • Fruit and vegetables are king.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water.
  • Exercise often
  • Concentrate on foods rich in dietary fiber (see the list below)
  • Read labels on packaged foods (or use one of the apps listed below)
  • Reduce food proportions
  • Minimize your consumption of alcohol and junk foods
  • Do not ban foods you like. Just eat them in moderation
  1. The 7-Day Diet Plan

Adhering to a strict diet plan is one the easiest and safest ways to attain your weight loss goals.

The 7-Day diet plan includes delicious and healthy recipes for every day of the week to help you reduce your calorie intake and cut down that excess fat in your body.

Created by the Fitness Magazine, this plan includes three daily meals and two daily snacks.

Each of these meals contains 45% carb, 30% proteins, and 25% healthy fats.

Hydration is a key part of the plan.

So, stick to low or no calorie beverages, such water, coffee, and tea.

To top it all up, moderate exercises of between 60 and 90 minutes every day will accelerate your weight loss.

See this full plan on this link.

Healthy Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast

You can shed extra body fat through several means, such as the basics of the cron diet, among other theories. However, the fact remains that healthy diet that cuts your calorie intake is the leading means of losing weight. The following healthy foods can help:

  1. Avocados

Avocados are not merely among the healthiest foods in the world.

They are also perfect in accelerating the realization of weight loss goals because they are nutrient dense in vitamins and minerals.

The monounsaturated fats found in avocados, as well as the high phytochemical, dietary fiber, and potassium contents often contribute to low BMI in frequent consumers.

However, they have more calories than most other fruits.

  1. Fermented Drinks

Probiotics have a particularly unique effect on the body’s ability to burn calories.

Fermented foods have high concentrations of advantageous microbes that are good for the gut, whose health has a direct correlation with weight loss.

Further, superb gut health improves metabolism. Fermented beverages also reduce appetite and increase satiety.

Caveat: Keep off flavored yoghurts as most of them have added sugar.

  1. Lean Meat (White or Red)

Lean fish like tuna provides several health advantages, including fast weight loss, due to its low-fat content. Further, lean means match the basics of the cron diet that calorie decrease enhances fast weight loss.

Majority of the fitness models and bodybuilders consume tuna in high quantities to increase their level of proteins while maintain minimal levels of fat and unnecessary calories.

PS: Water-canned tuna is better than that canned in oil.

Similarly, unprocessed lean beef and chicken breast can enhance weight loss due to their high protein content.

Despite the negative publicity concerning the adverse effects of meat, these claims only apply to processed meat.

Indeed, a 25% increase in the consumption of protein-rich low-carb diets can reduce food cravings by 60% and result in weight loss of approximately 0.45 kilograms weekly.

  1. Green Vegetables

Brocoli, spinach, and kales, among other vegetables are among the best foods for weight loss due to their nutrient dense characteristics, including high volumes of vitamins and minerals.

They also have high fiber contents that accelerate weight loss.

Though not leafy, cucumbers also deserve a mention on this list due to their low calories and high concentration of dietary fiber.

  1. Whole Grains and Nuts

Both whole grains and nuts are rich in soluble dietary fiber, which has been proven to be good for weight loss purposes.

Brown rice, oats, and quinoa, for instance, are loaded with nutrients and resistant starch that enhance metabolism.

However, this only applies to farm-fresh products, not processed grains, which may be highly unhealthy, harmful, and/or fattening.

Further, those seeking low-carb diets, such as those advocated by the basics of the cron diet, should avoid these at all costs because they are high in carbs.

  1. Fruit

A fruit after every meal, right? True, fruit contains high sugar contents, but mostly the ‘good sugar’. they also also have healthy amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Eating fruit can help you lose weight fast, especially when consumed in place of store-bought snacks and other processed foods.

Their antioxidant qualities and high fiber concentrations make fruit the perfect healthy snack for weight loss.

Indeed, scientific research shows that increased fruit consumption reduces the risk of becoming obese or overweight.

  1. Whole Eggs

Historically, eggs have been believed to be a dangerous source of cholesterol.

Nevertheless, scientific studies have shown that a low to moderate consumption of whole eggs is a perfect recipe for weight loss.

They also cause a satiating effect that reduces food cravings for about 36 hours.

Both egg whites and the yolk are also nutrient dense, with ample amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals, among other nutrients.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

A staple of the natural health community, apple cider vinegar is typically an ingredient of various condiments, including vinaigrettes and dressings.

It can also be drunk when diluted with fresh water.

Scientific studies support the link between apple cider vinegar and fast weight loss, satiation, and low-calorie consumption.

In the long-term, apple cider vinegar reduced blood sugar spikes that occur after meals, thereby preventing high blood pressure.

  1. Chili Peppers

I found this while searching how to lose weight myself.

Chili peppers are perfect for weight loss.

Capsaicin, a natural constituent of chili pepper, reduces appetite and enhances fat burning.

However, regular consumption may create some degree of tolerance.

Weight Loss Workouts (Physical Exercises)

  • Plyo push-ups
  • Squat Jacks
  • High-knees sprints
  • Speed Skater Lunge
  • Jump-switch lungee
  • Burpee
  • Pilates teaser

See an explanation of these exercises here.

Weight Loss Apps (Free and Premium)

  1. LoseIt

Keeping tabs of your weight is easy with LoseIt.

Available for both Android and iOS, this app is rather straightforward.

It allows users to set weight-loss goals, track their exercising schedules and eating habits, as well allowing connection to third-party accessories, such as biometric fitness trackers, among other devices.

LoseIt also features a ‘Weight Loss Community’ from which users can draw inspiration or get support, guidance, and challenges.

The app supports weight loss through three ways.

Firstly, LoseIt has a hand-curated, searchable database of over 7 million brands, foods, and restaurant items from any location on earth.

Secondly, it has an inbuilt barcode scanner that allows users to scan food labels and get accurate nutritional information.

Alternatively, you can simply take a picture of your food and get relevant nutritional data.

The app has a free basic plan while the premium option is rather affordable, starting at only $3.30 monthly.

  1. WeightFit

Android Version

iOS Version

This is essentially a weight loss tracker that allows people to stay focused on their weight-loss goals through its inbuilt BMI calculator.

It calculates users’ actual and ideal weights.

It can also be integrated with the Health App for additional functionalities.

Among the most impressive features of this app is various visualizations and charts, which display historical information in an extremely insightful manner.

It also accepts weight measurements in either imperial or metric units.

This app is perfect for people who desire to know every little detail about their progress.

  1. MyFitnessPal

This free online application makes use of the calorie counting method to support weight-loss programs.

This program calculates users’ daily calorie requirements and allows them to record/log their daily consumption using a comprehensive database of over 11 million foods.

The app then breaks down the food’s calorie and nutrient content and generates various reports to show your protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake.

It also contains a barcode scanner that can be used to capture information from packaged foods.

MyFitnessPal also supports searching for recipes, weight tracking, and interpersonal interactions through an inbuilt message board.

The application can be synced with some fitness tracking apps to adjust calorie requirements based on the number of calories burned during exercise, thus helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Its ‘Quick Add’ feature enables users to input the number of calories directly into the app rather than searching for a particular food.

However, some data is entered by users, which leaves a margin for error and duplication of food items.

The app is available in both free and premium versions.

  1. Pact

Pact utilizes monetary incentives to keep you motivated and keep you focused on your objective of losing weight.

Failure to reach one’s goal obliges the user to pay out a pre-determined sum of money, usually between $0.3 and $5, to other users.

Those that meet their targets receive cash rewards, which are paid by those who failed to reach their weight loss goals.

Pact is based on the scientifically-proven fact that cash incentives can help people to shed extra calories.

Once you sign up with Pact, you can choose one of three alternatives, a veggie pact, gym pact, or a food logging pact.

The app can be synced with MyFitnessPal to facilitate logging food consumption and monitoring progress.

  1. HealthifyMe

Besides being a minimalist weight loss tracker, HealthifyMe is also an effective informational app that helps users document their weight, food, action plans, and weight-loss goals.

See Also

Users can check the nutritional contents of their diets.

It also has tips and reminders to nudge you to exercise regularly and drink more water.

Its inbuilt health plans are primarily based on tested and proven strategies.

  1. Google Fit / Apple Health

This Android platform was developed by Google in 2014.

It draws data from numerous devices and applications using a set of APIs.

The app has sensors that monitor users’ mobile device or activity tracker records, which are then measured against predetermined fitness and weight loss goals to provide a complete picture of one’s fitness.

It also uses activity recommendations from the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association.

Both the Android and iOS applications are entirely free and offer virtually all the functionalities of third-party fitness trackers.

Their deep integration with your operating system allows them to offers additional functionalities that support weight loss goals, such as tracking calories burned, physical activities like cycling and walking, as well as sleep without the need for special hardware.

  1. SparkPeople

This application allows people to record their daily meals, exercise, and weight using highly effective tracking tools.

SpakPeople also has a user-friendly calorie counter with more than 2 million different foods.

The inbuilt fitness program is highly personalized to users’ needs and characteristics, and can be integrated with most commercially available fitness trackers.

Users can also get support and answers from a community of over 12 million registered users.

The company behind the app has partnered with numerous expert nutritionists to offer coaching and diet tips.

Personal trainers also provide videos with effective fitness programs and videos.

Other features include a barcode scanner for tracking packaged foods, points system to incentivize users, and a large database of health and fitness articles.

  1. My Diet Coach

Android Version

iOS Version

My Diet Coach delivers exemplary motivation to lose weight through various game-like challenges and achievements.

Users are required to match up to avatars, one that shows your current weight, and the other that represents the future you.

You will also be rewarded points for completing various challenges, such as avoiding sugary beverages for a day, or refined grain foods.

Its notifications and reminders will constantly nag you to lose weight as often as possible.

My Diet Coach can also be synced with wearables such as the Apple Watch.

It is available in a free ad-based version, or a premium one for $6.99 monthly.

  1. FitBit

This is a set of wearable devices that help people to shed weight by tracking their physical exercise routines.

They measure the number of steps you take, heart rate, stairs climbed, and miles walked.

They also track the amount of water you take, the number of hours you sleep, as well as your weight loss goals.

FitBit also comes with an app that stores all the synced information.

It also has an active community where you can connect with friends and family, share progress, as well as take part on challenges designed to keep you losing weight.

You can also set alarms or reminders to start your exercise routine, get notifications sent to your phone, and receive rewards for goal attainment.

This app is amazing because it gives you a wide range of information to help you track your goals and weight. It is also extremely user-friendly, and had numerous visualizations to show progress.

  1. Cron-O-Meter

Cron-O-Meter is also based on calorie-counting system, backed by a database of more than 50,000 different foods.

The goal is to help you consume the optimal level of nutrients while regulating the number of calories you eat.

Your personal progress towards achieving your weight loss goals is displayed in a feature called ‘Trends’.

Uniquely, Cron-O-Meter allows you to upload pictures of your body via a ‘Snapshot’ feature, against which you can assess your progress towards your goal.

It also has an active forum where you can interact with other users.

  1. FatSecret

FatSecret is a free app that focuses primarily on providing support to people who desire to lose weight fast.

You can log your daily meals, track weight loss progress, and interact with others through chat.

You can also join groups to interact with like-minded individuals.

The app is based on the scientific fact that social support increases the rate of success for people who need to lose weight.

FatSecret has a vast collection of healthy recipes and an online journal for recording your progress, challenges, and accomplishments.

The app’s food database includes numerous restaurant and processed foods that are ordinarily difficult to track.

It also allows users to share information concerning preferred healthcare providers, exercise routines, food plans, and weight.

  1. Waterlogged

Android Version

iOS Version

This app helps you to stay hydrated and healthy by providing useful charts and reminders.

A user can see their progress towards goal attainment and tailor the app settings depending on the size of glass or water bottle.

It integrates smoothly with FitBit and has several graphs for visualization purposes.

We hope you achieve your weight loss goals. Good luck!

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