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The Low Carb High Protein Diet

The Low Carb High Protein Diet

Anybody who has been keeping track of various diets for the simple purpose of choosing the most appropriate one, would realize that the there are plenty of new diets that keep popping with alarming regularity. They are a fad for a short while and then they just fade away into ignominy after dieters realize that they are either impractical to keep up or they just plain do not work. The low-carb high-protein diet has however retained its popular status for a remarkably long time. if you’ve heard about this diet and do not know how or why it works, this article will throw some light onto the subject and help you on your way to successful weight loss.

In the 1970s this low carb high protein diet reached was enormously popular because of the movement against refined sugar at that time. Soon after that, doctors began to think differently and started advising people that in order to eat sensibly they had to increase their carbohydrate intake. This came about mainly because of overwhelming evidence that increased intake of fat was the primary cause of several cancers and also of heart disease. More studies that were done on the subject later revealed that low-carbohydrate diets were indeed the best and they brought about overall health.

Then again, even within the low carb high protein diet there were several different versions. Some of these diets advocated any amount of protein which could be got from poultry, shellfish, red meat, eggs, cheese and fish. At the same time, foods that were high in carbohydrates, especially in refined sugar were practically eliminated from the diet. Foods such as potatoes, pasta and bread as well as several vegetables and fruit were completely banned from the diet.

This is what a person would typically eat for a day if they were on a low carb high protein diet:

Breakfast – Bacon and cheese would be allowed but no juice or toast

Lunch – A double cheeseburger accompanied by a small salad

Dinner – Fried chicken or steak accompanied by a medium size salad with cheese salad dressing

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The low carb high protein diet is not without its drawbacks. One of the major weaknesses of this diet is that dieters tend to increase their consumption of cholesterol and saturated fat to make up for the reduced amounts of cholesterol. This could in turn increase the odds of heart disease.

Although you are sure to hear a lot about the advantages of the low carb high protein diet, especially with regards to weight loss, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor or your dietician before going onto this diet. This is especially important if you have any existing medical problem.

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