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Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight – Carbohydrates

Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight – Carbohydrates

Okay so you don’t need to avoid carbohydrates completely in order to lose weight but you need to restrict and limit them in your diet to lose weight in the fastest manner possible. Here are three ways that you can easily limit your carbs in order to enhance fat loss.

1. Control Your Portions – Estimating the appropriate amount of food, especially carbohydrates, that you should be eating is tough – as a general rule people are terrible as estimating calories and portion sizes. If there is one thing that you need to remember it is that any time you order food in a restaurant in America they are going to give you more food than you should eat. Restaurants use starchy carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, and pasta to ‘bulk’ up their meals. These foods are cheap and easy to add to an entree in order to make it look like you are getting a lot of food. When eating out either ask to have your rice/potato/pasta replaced with a vegetable (like broccoli) or when your plate comes automatically set aside half of the starchy carbs on your plate to take home with you.

2. Focus on Fiber – My buddy Chris Mohr always says “Focus on Fiber not Carbs”. Make sure that you always have fiber with your meal whether is be from fibrous vegetables or whole grains. Fiber slows digestion, helps control blood glucose, and increases you level of fullness. There are many types of fiber so make sure to eat a variety of foods so that your body gets a variety of fiber types. For example apples, oatmeal, and broccoli all contain fiber but different kinds.

3. Ditch the Breakfast Cereals and Have Some Protein! – If there is one thing that that drives me nuts, it is breakfast cereal. A bowl of cereal is NOT a good breakfast. We as a society have been sold down the river by the food industry when it comes to healthy breakfast options. If the box has a cartoon on it, don’t eat it. Beware of ‘healthy’ cereals too as they often contain added sugar. Eat a healthier meal by infusing protein into your breakfast with eggs, cottage cheese, lean breakfast meats, and/or protein powder. Eating just cereal for breakfast can only guarantee one thing…you’ll be hungry by 10am.

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